WebTrends TagBuilder Web Site Analytics Package
WebTrends Inc., a web analytics and marketing solutions provider, has released the first free online tool that is designed to improve the speed and efficiency with regards to creating and collecting accurate data with data collection tags. This is a first for the Web analytics industry, and WebTrends hopes that this will be a hit with their current and potential new customers.

What Is TagBuilder?

WebTrends TagBuilder is a web-based tool that allows customers to create tags that captures information aimed at their websites' and business' needs. The once proprietary tags -- now standardized -- will produce object-oriented JavaScript code that can be integrated into web sites. Eric Rickson, product manager for WebTrends, believes that TagBuilder makes a once difficult task simple: "This free utility lowers the barriers to rich reporting and analysis by providing our customers with a direct way to take advantage of our innovations in data collection."

TagBuilder Features

The WebTrends TagBuilder tool will allow analytics users to accomplish more with less: * Auto click-event tracking for various links, form submissions, image maps and navigation areas * Auto parameter mapping for reporting * Tag splitting for easy insertion into web pages * Information capture from custom META tags * Flexible settings for cookies * Integrated conversion tracking with WebTrends Ad Director * Cookie compliance for federal government Web sites in the U.S. * Tag specifications managed via XML configuration
WebTrends Tag Builder Interface

WebTrends TagBuilder Interface

Many of the aforementioned features can help analytics users to save time while remaining efficient. It will be interesting to see how other Web analytics providers react to the WebTrends move. As most of us know, however, any improvement to Web analytics is an edge that can be used to improve business. Anyone interested in trying out WebTrends TagBuilder need look no further.