SilkRoad Technology
SilkRoad's Eprise 2004 Web Content Management solution has recently been treated to a brief and positive review by InfoWeek's Mike Heck. The review highlights dramatic performance enhancements, web services support, a hosted (software as a service) option, and fault tolerance. Mike claims Eprise should now be a strong candidate for the Web CMS shortlist. This is possibly true. SilkRoad has certainly become a bit more interesting with their recent noise around enterprise blogging. Though I have to ask, with version control and workflow, are SilkBlogs really "blogs", or are they just CMS rebranded? SilkBlogs are in fact built on top of Eprise, so I'd say they are not in fact blogs per say. But who's to say what a blog actually is these days. Ah well, these days seems like everyone's got to get lined-up behind the Internet meme of the day. It sounds cool anyways. Read the review.   |   Learn about Eprise. Learn about Enterprise Blogging.