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Brice is the founder of Simpler Media Group, Inc., the organization behind the publication and the creator of the DX Summit conference. Having started his career in large organizations like Oracle and Macromedia (now Adobe) Brice moved in an entrepreneurial direction following the first dot com bubble burst, co-founding Cylogy, Inc., a boutique interactive services agency, and eventually founding Simpler Media Group, Inc., a media, events and research organization that focuses on digital enterprise topics and builds related communities. 

At heart Brice is an avid fan of simplicity and elegant technology, and one who appreciates the challenge that the goal simplicity presents all of us. Captured by the promise of Internet technologies, he switched his academic focus in 1996 from psychology to computer science, and hasn't looked back since.

In the professional community, Brice is active with organizations such as Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting.

Brice is currently based in San Francisco, but splits his time between San Francisco, Paris and Budapest. Drop him a note if you'd like to share ideas or contribute in some way to CMSWire or the DX Summit.

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