Vamosa Community Edition
Combining their flagship Content Analyzer and their well received Content Migrator software, Scottish vendor Vamosa releases a free content analysis and migration kit. CMS geeks can take advantage of Vamosa's automated content migration functionalities without having to deal with the price tag that stood in the way before. And with SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 emerging quickly as well as Open Text making aggressive market moves, the timing seems rather opportune. With the aptly named the Community Edition, developers can more clearly analyze content stores -- Intranet, Extranet and the Web. Having done that, it's easy to utilize the software's processing engine to migrate and/or perform transformation on the content. The processing engine boasts these capabilities: * removal of duplicate and out-dated content, improving content quality * content enhancement by application of the appropriate metadata * taxonomy and classification application to content * export to XML for all content The Community Edition is, however, restricted to only 1,000 unique URLs or objects. If you need to go beyond this limit, the commercial version of the migration tools will be required. George Knox, Vamosa CEO, says the release "follows our strong ethos of innovation as we continue to lead the development of the content analysis and migration market." Free software -- definitely a good move. He continues, "Despite the quantitative limit imposed on Vamosa Community Edition, the release of this free, fully functional tool will allow the wider marketplace to experience the benefits an automated approach has to offer." Fair enough. Stingy techies can't be choosers. The software runs on Windows platforms and requires Java v1.5. Download Vamosa Community Edition and tell us what you think. In a related article, Open Source CMS expert, Seth Gottlieb, covers a recent content migration discussion which occurred on the CM Professionals mailing list.