Content Migrator 2.7, a Web CMS content migration and automation tool from Scottish software vendor Vamosa, was recently reviewed in-depth by leading analyst firm The Butler Group. Vamosa Content Migrator applies the familiar concepts of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) to the realm of Web Content Management and Butler Group gives 'em two thumbs for effort and execution.Vamosa Content Migrator facilitates the automatic migration of content from existing Web Content Management Systems, into new content stores and systems. The Butler group lists the following four points as particular strengths of Content Migrator version 2.7: * An effective ETL solution for unstructured data * Fully exploits the use of XML-based standards * Full-featured freeware version (Community Edition) is offered for smaller companies * Enhanced levels of support for third-party Content Management systems. Vamosa Content Migrator -- originally designed to migrate static sites into dynamic delivery systems -- allows you to crawl your existing infrastructure of web sites and disk directories. The web pages and documents are automatically captured, reformatted to suit the target system, have new template styles attached and automatically loaded in to your CMS. To accomplish the task, Content Migrator employs a four-stage process of Identify, Extract, Enhance, and Load. Where the company goes beyond traditional ETL processes is in its ability to perform extended operations such as link translation, HTML/XHTML transformation, and metadata additions.
Vamosa Process
In simple terms the tool extracts a specific subset of data from a specified source, transforms the acquired data according to a set of business rules, and then loads the resulting data into the target database. Content Migrator supports is capable of performing generic extraction and population for almost any system. Additionally specific adapters have been developed for some of the most popular content and document management systems including: * IBM WWCM - Java and Lotus Domino Editions * Documentum v5 * Interwoven TeamSite v6 * Stellent Universal Content Management 7 * IXOS Obtree C4 According to Vamosa the software will run on any OS supported by the open source JBoss application server. However, Windows Server and Windows XP seem to be the preferred platforms. The Butler Group summarizes as follows: "Vamosa Content Migrator continues to occupy the high-ground in the content migration market. The company understands the CMS market very well, and is targeting the right opportunities with the right partners. The product may appear expensive at first glance, but its business value is unquestionable." For additional information visit, or download a copy of The Butler Group's report.