Acquia (news, site), provider of Drupal services and support has announced that it is introducing two new Drupal service offerings and that it has acquired two companies.

Acquia Adds Migration & Security Services

Acquia, founded by Drupal creator Dries Buytaert, has made its fortune by offering value added products and services for the popular open source content management system, Drupal. The company is securing its position as one of the leading providers by introducing two new offerings: Acquia Migration Services and Acquia Security Services. In addition to expanding its product portfolio, Acquia has also purchased Cyrve, which provides Drupal migration services, and Growing Venture Solutions, which provides Drupal security services.

Acquia Migration Services

The new Acquia Migration Services is a suite of software tools, services and best practices designed to help organizations migrate to Drupal from other Web CMS platforms. This is a growing need as larger numbers of traditional enterprises elect to adopt open source CMS tools like Drupal. The new offering will be attractive to organizations that want to quickly move between content management platforms and simultaneously reduce the risk of losing content.

Acquia Security Services

Like the migration offering, Acquia Security Services includes both software and consulting. The offering is aimed at helping organizations assess Drupal security, develop a security plan and implement security best practices for the platform. Security is typically one of the primary areas of concern in many enterprises; having experts in Drupal validate that their implementation is secure may be a piece of extra assurance that many seek.

Acquisitions to Speed New Services

It seems that Acquia plans on at least partially supporting its new offerings with the companies it has acquired. Cyrve is a relatively young company. In fact, its existence was announced at Drupalcon Boston only three and a half years ago. However, the company grew in popularity quickly migrating large sites like the and to Drupal using their open source Migrate module, which will remain free and open source according to Cyrve founders.

The other company that is now part of Acquia, Growing Venture Solutions, is a small CMS consultancy, which specializes in Drupal. One of the key services they offer is a Drupal security review using the expertise they developed by participating in the Drupal Security Team. The company created a product line, Drupal Scout, which is focused exclusively on security.

With the number of professional service organizations being created or expanding their offerings to include Drupal, Acquia is aware that it has to keep differentiating itself to remain a leader. Let’s see if their efforts pay off.