For various reasons some very high-profile sites and services have been up and down over the last 24 hours. Find out what's going on.

Remain Calm, All Is Well(ish)

The Twitterverse has been thrown into various spasms of panic in recent hours with various sites and services vanishing from the Web at different times. The basic details are:

Apple: The company store went down for an update, to much rumors of an iPhone 5 announcement (most likely pre-orders). When it came back up, there had been a redesign to make it more friendly to pick and buy the right iPad. With steps to choose the color, RAM and connectivity options, all made simpler. With nothing more dramatic than that, back to business.


Apple's new store features making picking options easier

Microsoft: Microsoft has had trouble with some DNS resolution problems beyond its control, making MS services including the likes of Office 365, Azure, Hotmail and other cloud services vanish to users. Services seem to have been largely restored by around 4AM EST.


Microsoft's services have been restored

Sony: Sony suffered due to the power problems affecting California down to Mexico with some game servers being knocked offline. Sony Online Entertainment is reporting that "The San Diego power outage could persist throughout the night affecting log-in servers, forums, and websites. We appreciate everyone’s patience as the City attempts to restore power."

Using People Power

With millions lacking power in San Diego and other areas, many other services also seem to have been affected. Companies can use the break in service as a live test of their back-up, alternate service providers and disaster recovery procedures.

All this comes after Google Docs vanished the other day, and continues this year's bad run of downtime. Let us know in the comments, if anything else is currently unavailable and we'll add them to list of try and find out what the problem is.