The lure of huge sales has seen Apple carefully negotiate its way into the Chinese market, and now it is ready to go with its latest products, bringing the iPhone 5 to local networks. 

Playing in the Big Markets

Apple has announced that the gadget-happy Chinese consumers will soon be able to enjoy iPad mini and fourth version of the iPad from next Friday. That's the Wi-Fi models only, with the 4G models only just having gone onsale in the States.

They'll also get the iPhone 5 from Friday 14 December. It will be available in the usual colors, sizes and prices from Apple stores in China. The iPhone 4 will move down to being free on contract, which is likely to attract a lot of attention from consumers who can't afford the up-front cost of the latest models. 

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently gave approval for two iPhone 5 models running WCDMA (China Unicom) and CDMA model (for China Telecom). China Unicom is expected to be among the networks taking the iPhone 5. The country's No. 2 mobile carrier aims to have 100 million 3G users by the end of year (adding over 25 million in this quarter). 

Learning Opportunities

Stocking Up On Apple

Apple's share price had been tumbling after the recent launches, as analysts seemed to think the western market is topping out. That leaves growth markets like Asia, Russia and Brazil as the major focus. How long will it be until China gets first sight of an all-new Apple device? That might be the tactic required if Apple is to keep growing against local rivals. 


Apple sales were up approaching US$8 billion in China, and the arrival of the new phone will be eagerly awaited. With Apple now having normal supplies in western markets, it is focused on getting as many units into China as it can. That can only be good for Apple's stock price