It used to be that forecasting was reserved for weather and stocks, but thanks to Cloud9’s new Sales Performance Suite, which features a new forecasting solution, users have the ability to actively managing their sales performance in an effort to accurately forecast sales.

Sales Performance Management...Piece By Piece

As Cloud9 readies their Sales Performance Suite for full release in 2012, they are progressively releasing it part by part. Two of the main components of Cloud9’s solution released today include Pipeline Management and the Forecasting tool, both of which aim to take complex data from multiple perspectives and highlight trends, challenges and prospective opportunities.

Cloud9 dashboard.png

The Intelligence Sales Forecasting Homepage shows, at a glance, the key changes in the pipeline, allowing sales teams to focus their attention on the actions that will have the most revenue impact.

When it comes to forecasting, those looking for quick sales need not apply. Forecasting is best suited for those who want to track trends from the ground up. With Cloud9, companies can mine data based on a complete history of CRM data. Using trend analysis, users can configure their daily activity reports to show exceptions across inventories and sales pipelines, as well as set up alerts and watch lists.

Learning Opportunities

More than Business Intelligence

By merging business analytics with process management, Cloud9 is more than just business intelligence. With BI, it’s assumed that the user knows what he wants. With sales forecasting and pipeline management, Cloud9 is apt to show customers the potential for something bigger. While companies have become more savvy about recognizing the need to better support their sales teams, they still don’t fully understand the magnitude by which they can improve their sales reach and revenue generation.

If you’re looking to give your sales teams the tools they need to manage leads and targets, while broadening their perspective on what’s possible, Cloud9 may be in your forecast.