Meet Apple's 'New iPhone' Today

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As Android fans, and those with fed up with the whole smartphone bandwagon, take the day off from using the Internet, the rest of us look for the last snippets of news before Apple's big reveal. A shot of the new packaging suggests that the official name for the phone will be "The New iPhone." But, will it be new enough?

New and Better, or Just New?

Following on from the dropping of the "3" from Apple's third iPad, it looks like the new iPhone will just be called "New iPhone" at today's big launch. That will help get over the rather dull guess-the-name scenario, which could have seen us with an iPhone 4G, iPhone 5 or even an iPhone 6. 

A photo from a packaging factory suggests that the last nugget of information has been leaked out before the event, making a mockery of Tim Cook's pledge for greater secrecy. Short of wholly automated the supply chain, factories and delivery systems, and a complete denial of information to stores and stockists, Apple has zero hope of keeping its products a secret. 

For the next model of Apple product, it might as well let Sir Jony Ive keep a daily blog of what parts he's machined, from what material and which chips his designers have played with that week. Leaving the magical unveils for genuine new products like Apple TV sets or computing trousers is the only way to keep things fresh. 


Welcome the new iPhone, just to confuse salespeople everywhere

Learning Opportunities

Even Fake Steve Jobs is Angry

Such is the lack of magic that even Fake Steve Jobs seems to have had enough. In an interview with the BBC he cites the amount of time Apple has had to evolve the phone and iOS and achieved so little.

The hardware on the iPhone has been the same for two years, since the iPhone 4 and 4S were virtually identical. Now, having had two years to plot and scheme, Apple's renowned designer Jonathan Ive has replaced the tiny 3.5in (8.9cm) screen with a slightly-less-tiny 4in (10.2cm) screen? Wow. Knock me over with a feather. What do you do with the rest of your time, Jony?

Of course, it is easy to be cynical and always demand more, but since Apple is the one claiming it is pushing things further, and ramping up the hype via the silly secrecy, it could be easy to come away disappointed later on today.

With iOS 6's Passbook feature likely to be the practical user's highlight of the event, we'll see and have full coverage of all the news. But, right now, the new Windows Phone 8 in a Nokia Lumia 920 is looking rather attractive.