News Bites Real Time TV Analytics Personal Sync and More

News Bites: Real Time TV Analytics, 'Personal Sync' and More

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Mucho news this week. In social analytics, Bottlenose partnered with Critical Mention to offer real time analytics for TV and radio as well as social, Sysomos is integrating its data with Tickr's enterprise platform and a new Brandwatch API uses Twitter data from Gnip.

Plus, Tact has released a mobile "personal sync platform," and Neustar's Platform One draws on offline and online marketing data to find the reasons behind sales.

Real Time TV, Radio Analytics

Why can't broadcast TV and radio get the same kind of real time analytics as social data? That's the question that prompted social and business data provider Bottlenose to partner with broadcast analyzer Critical Mention.

Through the Critical Mention API, Bottlenose users can now ID segments from TV and radio that are either driving social conversation spikes or resulting from trending topics in social. The companies point out the difference between their broadcast analytics to measure trends and activity in live TV and radio programs, and social TV analytics for measuring activity on social sites during times when related programs are airing on TV.

Critical Mention's "broadcast data firehouse" is able to ingest 40 hours of video each minute, and the data becomes searchable in real time via closed-captioning and speech-to-text software. Then Bottlenose's software goes to work, classifying data and detecting trends that find a brand's mentions in TV and radio in real time with the same methods it uses for the firehose of social data. This is complemented by other data, such as estimated viewership.

The service covers more than 2,000 broadcast outlets in the US, UK, Canada and the Middle East. The companies say they can track the "ripple" of a brand mention on TV as it might trend from news to, say, Jay Leno, find out who's talking about Justin Bieber and on which channels, or correlate social conversations with live comments on TV.

"For the first time," Bottlenose CEO and co-founder Nova Spivak said in a statement, "marketers can track and analyze trends across all media in one place."

Bottlenose Screenshot III.png

A screenshot from the Bottlenose/Critical Mention system, showing the velocity of a story.

Tickr, Meet Sysomos

Social analytics provider Sysomos is now integrating its social analytics data into Tickr's real time enterprise data platform. The companies claim Tickr's visual dashboard of enterprise metrics, including streaming financial data, is complemented by social intelligence data relating to customer segments and brand reputation, offering a more complete view for a brand.

Learning Opportunities

Brandwatch API, Gnip's Twitter Data

Speaking of social media analytics, a new API enables the integration into business applications of social data through the Brandwatch social media monitoring and analytics platform. The API uses Twitter data from Gnip.

One Brandwatch customer, Creation Healthcare, said in a statement it has integrated the new API with its Creation Pinpoint software "to understand the views of doctors, nurses and pharmacists in social media."

Tact, a 'Personal Sync Platform'

Tactile is a startup founded in 2012 by a former Salesforce executive Chuck Ganapathi. Its first app, Tact, is a free "personal sync platform" for salespeople on iOS devices that provides a mobile customer relationship management tool to follow and track sales-related conversations.

It brings together, syncs and removes duplicates from business data in email, calendars, tasks, contacts, LinkedIn, Salesforce and other sources.

The information is then made available as a single view of dynamic profiles of contacts, notes, pending tasks and recent conversations. All synced data becomes available in a personal cloud, and is logged in Salesforce or shared via email.

What's Behind a Sale?

To integrate the tools needed to track a marketing campaign both online and offline, Sterling, Va.-based Neustar has released PlatformOne.

The platform uses Neustar's proprietary customer data for identification and verification of customers in real time and for applying predictive segmentation to determine, for instance, the background of a customer making a call into a call center and the best offer for a customer's buying habits and demographic.

There is also real time media intelligence that the company said connects online and offline data to determine such information as the driver behind a sale.