Unlike robots and automated machines, people are complex. They don’t always return your phone calls. They don’t always read your emails. And they don’t always tell you why, leaving you to wonder if your sales pitch was off or if they weren’t interested.  InsideView’s People Insights promises to change this, offering business professionals a comprehensive view of social, professional and company insights on the people with whom they do business.

Social Business: Knowledge Creates Growth

When it comes to selling, more than 90 percent of executives never respond to cold-call sales or unsolicited emails. Yet, when they are referred by a connection, be it a friend, colleague or customer, 80 percent of executives are likely to engage. InsideView’s People Insights makes it easier for sales and marketing organizations to find the right person to contact, identify mutual connections, get a complete picture via social media profiles, view recent news mentions and be alerted when the time is right to reach out.

How do they do this? By offering three major capabilities designed to merge customer engagement with customer relevance.

  1. InsideView Connections: Kevin Bacon isn’t the only well-connected person. Chances are there are sophisticated connections and relationships within your company’s rolodex, but until you analyze them, you can’t leverage those connections. InsideView Connections identifies these relationships across personal, company and customer networks, extending the average connection base by five to ten times.

  2. InsideView Social Profiles: Inside View lets you see a complete profile of customers and prospects to learn about their work history, professional affiliations, personal preferences and what they're saying on their social channels – in real time. As a result, sales teams are empowered to build connections and reach out with the right message.

  3. InsideView People Alerts: Knowing is half the battle. Subsequently, users can know exactly when a customer or prospect has experienced a meaningful activity, such as a job change, or other news mentions. By staying up-to-date, users can learn about new opportunities, accelerate existing ones, identify risks and stay ahead of the competition.

Because InsideView works on the web and can integrate with any CRM solution, not knowing more about your current or prospective customers isn’t an option. Social business isn’t just about engagement, but making sure that the customer experience is as relevant as possible so you can leverage connections for a more targeted approach.