This week we look at the four-part webinar series "Get Dynamic with Digital Assets," which DAM solutions the National Geographic Society and the European Parliament recently chose, where social publishing fits into DAM solutions, and an article on backing up digital assets with old-school hard copies.

Where Does Social Fit in DAM?

Many DAM vendors are building social publishing into their offerings. Author Nicolás Antonio Jiménez looks at how to navigate social networks with digital asset management solutions.

EnterMedia's Two New Features

EnterMedia introduced two new features this week. The multi-edit feature and category feature are supposed to save time and steps when users label assets and look for files.

European Parliament Picks Harris Invenio Solution

After an open call for tender procedure, the European Parliament chose Harris Invenio digital asset management technology for a large-scale upgrade and redesign of its video, audio and imaging archive.

Hard-Copy Backups?

A New York Times article looks at a warehouse full of books packed into 40-foot shipping containers. "Every week, 20,000 new volumes arrive, many of them donations from libraries and universities thrilled to unload material that has no place in the Internet Age," the article says. What if digitization improves? These backups could be resources for new digital copies.

Get Dynamic with Digital Assets

Earley & Associates announced a four-part webinar program, Get Dynamic with Digital Assets. The series is sponsored by the DAM Foundation and Braintraffic and will cover:

  • DAM in the Context of Content Choreography
  • Integrating Digital and Non-Digital Content
  • Mobilizing DAM Initiatives
  • Video Archiving for Reuse

National Geographic Society Selects Extensis

The National Geographic Society chose Extensis' Universal Type Server to manage the Society's library of 10,000+ fonts used in books, magazines and interactive media.