Nirvanix, a storage delivery purveyor that last tackled rich media, has been chosen by ElasticDrive as a partner in fighting high-cost mirrored remote data. ElasticDrive is a hosted storage solution. It enables users to access data remotely while protecting sensitive enterprise data. Paired with this technology, Nirvanix can behave like a local hard drive, which enables clients to mirror or back data up to multiple repositories all at once.Devs interested in the Nirvanix/ElasticDrive liaison will be able to use the former like a local storage unit. They can format it with file systems and attach it to a directory or within a mirrored RAID device. Nirvanix thus becomes a kind of replacement for your local storage unit, while enabling you to leverage hosted storage capabilities. ElasticDrive has made it truly ... elastic. "ElasticDrive is a prime example of what we envisioned web developers could use the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Service for," elaborated CMO Jonathan Buckley of Nirvanix. "By leveraging our ability to provide world-class remote storage resources, ElasticDrive is able to significantly reduce costs while providing the best end-user experience." It always comes back to the bottom line.