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You bet it can. Yesterday Nirvanix released its media app-rich Storage Delivery Service to the general public. The offering is gunning for a market dominated by Amazon's Dynamo-powered S3, which admittedly lacks a few stock Nirvanix charms.The offering includes beta versions of image manipulation, media transcoding and file search services, each of which help developers improve the time and energy it takes to build rich media applications for the two-dot-oh savvy. The media transcoding component is particularly interesting because it serves both audio and video needs. Developers can use files stored in a given format, and build new files in different formats or codecs. This adds mobility to media that may have been confined to one platform, like a full-sized browser. Now, imagine customers watching your enjoying the fruits of your labor on their mobile phones. It's all happening, baby. Other perks include Ruby Gem, in-depth file search (tags can be used), and sideloading, which enables you to upload files from a hosted URL directly to Nirvanix. Like any smart offering, Nirvanix boasts "unlimited scalability" and a fully-redundant platform. The Storage Delivery Service costs about US$ 0.18 per gigabyte per month of storage, and US$ 0.18 per gigabyte transferred. And premium services with support are available for a monthly fee. Watch it all unfold at the Nirvanix website.