YUDU Media just launched a publishing platform that enables publishers of any size to build online worlds out of traditional media.Even if an enterprise's print media foundations are strong, digital media is increasingly necessary in a fluid information world. Toward that end, YUDU Publishing PRO and YUDU Publishing EXPRESS help publishers build digital editions of magazines, newspapers, brochures or catalogues. Digital editions built by YUDU Publishing PRO feature text and infinite zoom, enabling users to minimize or maximize text to their size of preference without compromising a page's professional appearance. The editions are also JPEG-based in high quality for readers who prefer scrolling through digital editions over PDFs. And lest we forget, each edition includes video, audio and Flash insertions - a generous offering for EXPRESS users in particular. YUDU PRO also provides full digital rights management tools tailored to individual publishers. These are designed to protect subscription-only material. Reports are also available 24/7. COO Devin Holmes of YUDU Media notes, "Considering that digital editions actually increase readership and can actually pay for themselves in advertising revenue alone, they are fast proving themselves to be not so much a luxury as a must-have for publishers of any size." A major feature of YUDU PRO is it affords multiple own-branding options, as well as shopping list integration for those inclined to e-tail. You also get unlimited file size and a fully comprehensive DRM tool, as we mentioned a bit earlier. In contrast, YUDU EXPRESS provides essential stats reporting, auto-linking of URLs in publications and simple payment options, in addition to other helpful features (such as a 5MB multimedia file size allowance, which is ample for a smaller business). The YUDU publishing suite comes at an apt time, as marketers and content managers increasingly see an ally in IT and content management. The ECM world is responding to this trend. For example, Hot Banana recently built a platform positioned as a marketing tool, not an IT aid. Leap on the YUDU train. We should probably also add that, contrary to Holmes' enthusiastic endorsement, an ad-supported site does not necessarily a happy site make, but you know that already, don't you?