Nuxeo Releases DAM with Combined Content Repository

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Nuxeo (newssite) is having a busy week with content management goodies. The company hasgotten approval for its content repository, dubbed Apricot, and now it's announced a point release of its open source document assessment management(DAM) product over at the corporate blog.


Nuxeo DAM is an application dedicated to storing, indexing, archiving anddistributing digital assets. Theplatform supports:

  • pictures
  • videos
  • audio files
  • Office
  • PDF documents

The list of file formats and the available actions are listed in the Supported File Formats page on Nuxeo’s site.

The latest release, version 1.3, syncs up the platform with the numberingfor the Enterprise Platform. That may not seem like a big deal, but if you evermanaged enterprise software, you know that numbering schemes can be a source of confusion. Now that the versions are aligned, the DAM gains:

  • Installation wizard
  • Controller user interface
  • Ease of use enhancementsfor operation and deployment

Deployment is one of those things you think would be easy, but rarely is.There always one ill-behaved XML tag that results in you staying in the officewell past rush hour. Nuxeo seems to have addressed the issue in version 1.3 ofDAM with an installation wizard for initialization. The wizard guides usersthrough common configuration steps and provides a 30-day trial to Nuxeo Connect,which is essentially an application store for the ECM platform.

In addition to the installation wizard, the company has enhanced itslauncher. The new launcher is developed in Java. The sandboxed model allows thesame codebase to be used for multiple deployment channels. The launcher allowsusers to perform administrative functions such as viewing server log files orstopping the server in a visual environment.

Learning Opportunities

It isn’t only the visual components of the platform that received an upgrade.In a turn toward architectural sensibility, the company decided to combine theunderlying storage for DAM and document management. I’m not certain why theywere separate previously, but customers are sure to appreciate that thearchitectural misstep has been resolved.

The latest release requires

  • Java 6, 64 bit
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Intel Core 2 or something more speedy
  • 280 MB storage (does not include your data so something around 2GB isprobably more reasonable)

While the software will “run” on this configuration. It is not enterprise-class. Refer to the hardware and software requirements in the documentation forinformation on optimal settings.

The release is available now for Download on Nuxeo’s site as well as documentation for theplatform -- a welcome asset for an open source platform.

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