Accellion is updating its mobile file sharing solution. The Palo Alto, California-based company is enhancing its offering to increase ease-of-use and flexibility, and to provide more security controls. 

The Accellion Mobile File Sharing solution, which works with a wide variety of files and offers collaboration via commenting, is targeted at businesses that are nervous about using mobile document sharing in the age of Bring Your Own Device. Accellion, which says it has 10 million users among 1600 of the world’s leading corporation and governmental agencies, offers an audit trail for file tracking and 128- or 256-bit data encryption for files during transfer and at rest.

Reducing Risk in Mobile File Sharing

Accellion's updated solution provides drag-and-drop of files into Accellion for sharing, and Kerberos single sign-on which, in addition to the existing SAML and OAuth protocols, reduces the list of passwords a user must otherwise remember. Kerberos is a M.I.T.-originated network authentication protocol.

Accellion’s senior vice president of products Jon Pincus said in a statement that, without an enterprise-sanctioned solution, employees who want file sharing and collaboration tools must “adopt consumer-grade technology that puts an enterprise at risk.” The company’s file sharing solution, which Pincus said is focused on the enterprise, integrates with mobile device management solutions, including BoxTone, MobileIron and Good.

The company’s mobile file sharing is also available as part of its Mobile Apps, which now supports iOS6 and iPhone 5, and the Microsoft Productivity Suite.

Outlook Plugin Allows 2GB File Transfers

The Mobile Apps updates include Application Whitelisting, where IT administrators can gain control over which external editors and viewers users can employ to open files. There’s also Secure Workspaces, to which users can upload email attachments. The workspaces are designed to streamline projects’ workflow, and to allow team members to review, comment, update, synchronize, share and send files that are located in workspaces.

The updates for use with the Microsoft Productivity Suite include a plugin for Outlook, allowing users to securely send files up to 2GB from within Outlook -- compared to attachment limitations in Outlook that are typically set by companies at 10MB or less. In addition, users can control file access and file expiration dates.

For Microsoft Lync users, the Plugin offers the ability to share files within an instant message, VoIP, video conferencing or a shared desktop.

A Leg on the Competition

You may not hear as much about Accellion when it comes to document sharing as you do about DropBox,, even Salesforce's new ChatterBox, but it does offer some enterprise level features that these big names don't - and that's the security. We aren't saying the document sharing apps mentioned here aren't secure, because they are. But the level of security that comes with Accellion (i.e. the Kerberos Single Sign-on) is something we haven't seen yet -- something enterprises may find compelling if the information they are sharing is of a highly confidential nature.

Is the security, along with the Outlook integration enough to give Accellion a leg up?