Adobe wants mobile business users, and its free Reader App opens the door. Just three months ago, the company extended security and digital signature functionality to beef up its pervasive free desktop app, allowing EchoSign functionality that began targeting mobile transactions with "one-stop-shop" for e-Signatures. Now the company is sweetening the pot with free e-signatures so anyone can sign and send documents electronically, without printing or faxing, the company said. 

To get there, Adobe is integrating its EchoSign eSignature Service and its pervasive Adobe Reader that will offer "..real-time visibility into the signature process and status of contracts, giving end users the assurance that their signed documents have been received, can be easily organized and managed," the company said.

Available Immediately  

The company is wasting no time. Adobe Reader X (version 10.1.3) for desktop comes with the new functionality, adding "hand drawn" signatures or typed or cursive signature. On the mobile side, the Adobe software supports signature input on the touch screen display for "business-on-the-go," the company said.

Functionality for key mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones includes: 

Learning Opportunities

  • Ink Signature Tool -- users can electronically sign a document by hand-drawing their signature with finger or supported pen on a touchscreen
  • Send for Signature -- users can connect to Adobe's cloud-based EchoSign (this allows senders to track and manage the status of documents online, anywhere)
  • Signed contracts are archived in the cloud and viewable via web browser


sm-Adobe-Reader-EchoSign-iPad-Ink Signature Tool.png

Other Features

Adobe said it also added annotate, comment and forms fill to the new service that will extend functionality into the mobile domain. This includes highlight, strikethrough and underline features for easy mark-up (great!) and sticky notes that can be attached anywhere. The forms fill functionality works with simple PDF documents that can be saved or forwarded. 

With this mobile functionality, Adobe said the days of printing, signing and faxing back are numbered. Let's hope so.