The Agilewords app provides share, review and approve functionality for business document collaboration in the cloud.

Agilewords recently announced an app that adds document collaboration controls for users. Within a Box account, clients can log into Agilewords with their existing accounts or by creating a new, free account, then schedule a review deadline and invite collaborators.


Agilewords users can schedule document reviews and project deadlines, and also send due date reminders. Using web browsers, authorized collaborators can work remotely on the same document, post feedback and receive email notifications of document changes.

Pricing options are available for individuals, SMBs and enterprise use. Agilewords for Box offers a free account option with a maximum of three active document reviews at a time.

About the App

Box users can install the Agilewords app from the apps page and then select the Review with Agilewords option, which is under the more actions menu. On the review setup page, the document owner can set up the review deadlines and assign tasks to other collaborators.


After the Box users invites other collaborators to contribute to a document, customizable email invitations with the document link to a secure URL notify invitees. All collaborators can work on the same document online, changes are tracked and activity reports notify the document owner of all progress and revisions. Folders allow users to organize documents and collaborators.


With more than 6 million users and 300 million documents stored, Box already embraces mobile document management. Box offers other document sharing options on its app page, including Documents to Go, Web Documents, Zoho and Box for Office, but with its scheduling and reminder features, Agilewords adds review and approval functionality.