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has been growing at an impressive rate since its 2005 founding through a combination of products and strategic partnerships. While it is already in use in countries all over the world, the announcement of a strategic alliance with Kodak should up its game again.

According to Alfresco, which made the announcement at the end of last week, the partnership will enable Kodak to offer better content and document management services through Alfresco’s enterprise content management system.

Kodak and Alfresco

The alliance will help Kodak improve its already considerable array of content services that facilitate the rapid development and integration of solutions in areas like government records.

By combining Alfresco's industry leading enterprise content management systems with our own technology and capabilities, we will address the growing need for complex content and document solutions, serving customers in ways they never thought possible. We expect to have an immediate and long-lasting impact in the markets we serve,” said Roberto Colangelo, Kodak's General Manager for Worldwide Services.

So Kodak gets superior content management added to the data scanning and storage that it already offers, but what does Alfresco get? Well, Kodak is already doing considerable business in the government space by offering capture and share to hundreds and millions of documents used in the public realm. This gives Alfresco access to those markets.

On top of this, as the demand for flexible document management increases, Alfresco’s document management software should quickly become a critical part of the Kodak public sector experience. And it looks like it is already becoming a critical part of the overall Kodak content management strategy:

Kodak is aggressively moving beyond scanning to participate in more sophisticated content and document management services … we're creating modern databases and repositories so citizens can access information such as land records online quickly and efficiently. This is just one of the many ways Kodak is helping government entities provide higher levels of citizen services.” said Colangelo.

With Alfresco, Kodak will be able to deliver these types of services, only faster and in more collaborative ways.

Growing Alfresco?

For John Powell, CEO of Alfresco, the alliance appears to be all about global markets. He indicated that they will be expanding their alliance with Kodak to pull collaboration, mobile and all on-premises software into the alliance.

We are very excited to partner with Kodak to extend our services and software offerings on a global scale. We look forward to future collaboration in the cloud, mobile, and on-premise all working seamlessly together to meet Kodak's growing content management needs,” he said.

Xerox and Document Management

If all this sounds familiar, then it might be because of similar moves by Xerox into the document management space two years ago. At that point Xerox was better known for its MFP’s and scanning technologies, even if it had been kicking around in the document management space for two years before that.

In September 2010, it rebranded and all of a sudden it’s an MFP vendor that is also doing document management.

And before anyone starts writing in, we know Xerox is still a global player in the MFP space, it’s just that it successfully managed to move into document management and build up a lot of action for itself in the space.

It’s not really the same with Kodak, but the principals are. A company better known for scanning and capture decides it needs to push itself into document management. In this case, though, it is doing it by an alliance with one of the real successes in the space, notably Alfresco.

While Alfresco looks set to make considerable gains from this partnership, so too does Kodak. More on this as it happens.