Alfresco Mobile for iPad, iPhone: Content Management Gone Mobile

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Alfresco has some new apps in the Apple App Store today. Mobile content management anyone?

Business Gone Mobile

A couple of quotes for you:

Apple will ship 44M iPads in 2011, estimated 64M in 2012 up from an estimated 14M in 2010. -- USA Today

Media tablet sales are expected to reach 208 million units by 2014 -- From iPads to Portals: A World of Doors and Windows. Gartner, March 11, 2011.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are buying into the idea that workers are more mobile than ever before and thus need tools to help them work effectively.

And knowledge workers using content management solutions are no exception. Alfresco knows that the tablet is driving the need for cloud and social capabilities in content management.

Alfresco also knows that the organization cannot control the devices used by employees, but that IT should instead focus on control of/securing content. The key is knowing how locked down or open the content should be and then making it available appropriately.


Alfresco Mobile

Which is why Alfresco is offering a few Apps in the Apple AppsStore starting today. These mobile apps work across the entire Alfresco portfolio including Alfresco Team, Community and Enterprise -- and they are free to download.

According to Todd Barr, CMO of Alfresco, the tablet is now the "third screen", and the open source enterprise content management vendor has re-oriented a number of resources around developing apps for the tablet. Alfresco has hired Mark Dubresson as Mobile Product Director. Some of you might remember Mark as a Product Manager at Apple, responsible for bringing the first Apple iPad app, Pages to market.

It's also important to note however, that Alfresco does not believe thatcontent available within the Alfresco platform should only be availablethrough its own apps. This means that although Alfresco Mobile may bethe best approach, you can also access content through other mobile appssuch as iWork and GoodReader.


Alfresco Mobile for iPad

Lots of functionality available in the iPad app and the iPhone app including:

  • Navigate your Alfresco sites via a tree structure, through full-text search or by looking through all the docs you have downloaded already
  • Create folders, take photos and have them directly added or upload a photo
  • Open, email or comment on a document & download a document
  • View comments, metadata on documents

Note that your access to sites and documents are set within Alfresco. You can also apply workflow to folders in Alfresco and have processes kick off automatically. If you download your document to iWork, you can then edit it and upload it back to Alfresco.

So what does it look like? Just like this:

Learning Opportunities


Alfresco Mobile - View Presentation

and this:


Alfresco Mobile - Open Local in iPad

and this:


Alfresco Mobile - Status screen

Of course much of these capabilities use the open standards that Alfresco lives by including CMIS and WebDAV. Alfresco partnered with Zia Consulting to deliver its mobile apps.

Additional functionality to come includes things like support for multi-tasking, the upload of additional file types, a more tablet optimized interface and of course, more Alfresco functionality.

So, want to find it in the AppStore, it's there and waiting for you.




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