Earlier in the month former Alfresco CEO John Powell outlined a change in the business direction of Alfresco that will take it to and IPO in US and a wider global presence. Today, Doug Dennerline announced the acquisition of Germany-based WeWebU that will expand its enterprise portfolio for content management.

Alfresco, WeWebU

Financial details of the deal were not announced so there’s not much to be seen there, but according to Dennerline, WeWebU will add configurable role-based file and transactional content management capabilities on top of the Alfresco platform.

That Alfresco bought WeWebU is not exactly a surprise. The two companies have been working together for quite a while, both are open source vendors working in the enterprise CMS space, and WeWebU became a certified Alfresco Gold Partner in the middle of 2012.

By achieving Gold Partner certification, WeWebU was able to not only develop and build an enterprise content management system using its own WeWebU OpenWorkdesk, but could also provide ECM based on the Alfresco platform.

The relationships with Alfresco, though, are not just with Alfresco directly, but also with its other partners. Early last year, it announced that it was developing mobile ECM with Zia, an Alfresco Platinum partner in the US.

MobileWorkdesk Architecture.jpg

WeWebU Offerings

When pre-released last summer, it emerged as an enterprise-ready mobile content management solution for iPad and iPhone called MobileWorkdesk enabling users to connect with any CMIS-compliant ECM system and interact with mobile content in just the same way that they would with content on their desktop.

It consists of two components: an iOS app, and a server that delivers different "flavors" of the app to different user groups in the enterprise.

So, you get the picture. WeWebU is a perfect fit for Alfresco just in terms of having a number of products that already have a solid market base, but also a set of products that will fit in well with Alfresco’s existing portfolio.

According to Alfresco, the deal will enable it, using WeWebU, to offer customers the ability to streamline content-centric business processes, like contract, deal and e-File management, as well as managing all the different kind of files and documents relating to the enterprise business.

Using dynamic, role-based views and virtual folders with Alfresco’s ECM, it will also be easier to customize Alfresco business processes with configuration instead of coding.

There is not a lot more to be said about this deal other than the fact that this is the first that new CEO Doug Dennerline has signed off on.

Again, in the interview earlier in the month, nothing was said about an Alfresco acquisition strategy so it is not really possible to say whether there will be more of the same as it digs deep into the US and builds up steam for the IPO. More than ever, Alfresco is a company to watch, and we’ll be doing just that.

Can we read into the future with this video? Doug Dennerline took over as CEO on January 15. To get a taste of what the new guy is thinking, check out the short video below that outlines breifly his views on Alfresco and what it's doing at the moment