Axceler Adds SharePoint Governance Features With ControlPoint Update
Axceler, a provider of Microsoft SharePoint governance, administration and migration solutions, is releasing version 4.6 of its ControlPoint governance/administration product. The latest upgrade to ControlPoint includes a governance policy manager, as well as enhanced mobility and functionality for Microsoft Project sites.

Controlling Policies Behind the Curtain With the Wizard

The main new feature of ControlPoint 4.6 is the governance policy manager, which provides a wizard-like tool designed to reduce the complexity of defining and implementing governance policies such as storage limit values, versioning settings for lists, permissions analysis and audit settings. Axceler says this allows organizations to centralize the standardization of SharePoint policies across the enterprise.

Other new features of ControlPoint 4.6 include the ability for users to have mobile iPad access via Safari and the ability to manage Microsoft Project sites with the rest of a SharePoint environment. According to Axceler, this expanded Microsoft Project management capability allows users to monitor permission changes in real time, and also enables duplication of custom permission levels and permissions comparison.

Expanding SharePoint Functionality

Axceler’s latest version of ControlPoint is another example of how third-party vendors are trying to capitalize on SharePoint’s mass popularity by making it easier for users to manage more activities and connect to more content management applications without having to leave SharePoint. In January 2012, Axceler entered a partnership with Jornata, a business and technology services provider. Jornata's AutoPilot managed services offering helps determine a governance model, including policies and datafarm-wide application control.

In another example, last week, AvePoint -- another provider of governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint -- made its DocAve File Share Navigator solution generally available. DocAve is designed to provide thumbnail views and preview displays of Office, PDF and picture files within SharePoint, eliminating the need for content migration.

In addition, a recent poll of SharePoint users commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Axceler shows that more than two-thirds of the respondents consider SharePoint governance to be extremely or very important to their organizations. Yet nearly half of those same respondents confirmed that SharePoint governance policies do not exist or are undefined. More than half of the organizations surveyed have just started their governance planning efforts, or have not begun them at all.

SharePoint is becoming a standard enterprise tool for any business that creates content and/or conducts projects online, which these days means most businesses. As valuable as SharePoint’s existing functionality is, there are limitations when it comes to capabilities for governance and enterprise content management. Axceler and other providers of third-party SharePoint add-ons are identifying and responding to a real need on the part of SharePoint users, and this niche of IT will undoubtedly get more crowded in the near future.