Get your engines ready. May 4 — the date every SharePoint fan has been eagerly awaiting — is just around the corner. And in a matter of days, the latest, greatest arguably overhyped general release of SharePoint 2016 will be a reality.

But SharePoint users aren't the only ones staring at the calendar. For partners and companies that feed into the Microsoft ecosystem, it's also an exciting albeit busy time.

One such company,, today announced the release of a new offering that continues its drive to make SharePoint accessible to non-technical business users. The additions are designed to streamline workplace collaboration and make Microsoft SharePoint easier to use in the enterprise environment.

Users can upload, classify and share emails and documents to SharePoint and Office 365 from any of their email clients, including Outlook on the PC, Outlook on a Mac or via an app for Outlook on a mobile device or in a browser.

“We focus on the human element of introducing new technology like SharePoint to an organization. By bringing SharePoint and collaboration into the familiar confines of email, we remove the barriers of adoption. Workers stay focused and do not have to go somewhere else to get work done or learn new interfaces or procedures,” noted CEO Yaacov Cohen.

He also noted that as people naturally resist change, the key to any successful product rollout is making the right thing to do the easy thing. The result is that with applications like those that provides, user adoption of SharePoint is easier, if only because it makes documents easier to find, he said.

The enhancements include:

  • App for Outlook Enterprise Edition: A new app that runs within Outlook on the Mac, on mobile devices, and within the browser that enables users to automatically add metadata to saved emails when uploading them to SharePoint
  • Easy Access to Office 365 Groups: Users can access Office 365 Group files directly from the email sidebar
  • Email-as-a-Record Functionality: Users can now declare an email—one of the most important, but often forgotten, content types—as a record in SharePoint from the sidebar

Over the past months, has been building up its SharePoint offerings. In November it released its 2016 version, which supports the new Microsoft Office, and in September it made it easier to upload Exchange documents into SharePoint. 

Bear-y Good News For Oracle

Document management roll-up
The integration of PandaDoc and the  Oracle Sales Cloud is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The PandaDoc integration enables users to create and send documents from inside Oracle Sales Cloud, simplifying document automation for Sales Cloud customers. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers looking for business applications and service providers offering Oracle-focused business solutions.

PandaDoc offers document assembly, content libraries, quoting and electronic signing to the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) platform.

It enables salespeople to create and send sales proposals, contracts and invoices without ever leaving the Oracle Sales Cloud platform. In addition, sales representatives are empowered to automate content in documents and receive powerful analytics on documents currently in deal cycles.

With the new workflow users can use pre-existing templates and merge data directly from Oracle Sales Cloud into their documents.

Xerox Gets a Second Wind

Xerox has been having a rough time of it over the past few quarters, forcing it to split into two. But its managed workflow services appears to be doing well, at least in the Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (CEMA) region, according to new research from IDC.

Learning Opportunities

The IDC MarketScape report provides an analysis of services that automate and optimize vertical and horizontal document-intensive workflows and business processes in enterprises across the region.

According to the report, Xerox provides a full spectrum of services from managed print services to workflow automation to business process outsourcing, and the ability to grow cross-industry solutions portfolio through development, acquisition and collaboration with business process outsourcing organizations and software partners.

While Xerox is recognized as a leader in the space, the report specifically points to the new releases of Xerox Digital Alternatives and Xerox DocuShare personal productivity solution as key products in improving office efficiency through automated document processing.

IDC also points to a well-defined, structured partner program and training and certification programs that improve skills, as a key to the development of these services.

V1 Automates Email Doc Delivery

Business and document automation software specialist V1 launched Output Management for Infor SunSystems. The new technology will automate the delivery of documents such as remittances, sales invoices and statements by email, helping companies streamline their document management processes.

Infor SunSystems is an integrated financial management solution (FMS) that provides organizations with real-time and localized reporting, business intelligence and unified ledgers.

Previously users could only print these documents with limited formatting. V1’s Output Management technology enables the system to automatically format the file, extract and split it into multiple distributions, and email or print out the documents.

Better Gmail On Android

Google has updated Gmail for Android, which now provides support for Microsoft Exchange. While Gmail for Android already had Exchange support, it only functioned on Nexus devices.

However, as of this week, Exchange support covers mail, contacts, and calendar data in Android across all devices. Since Exchange is still seen as the standard for work-related email, contact, and calendar syncing, Google doesn’t really have a lot of choice with this update.

Gmail already supports, Yahoo Mail and other IMAP/POP accounts. If you’re looking to use just one Android app for all your email needs, Gmail might just be what you are looking for.

Title image by Hani Jajeh