We have seen in the past that there are a lot of different elements to a good records management system. We have also seen email management is still causing enterprises major headaches. RP Post has released an app for Box that will make it easier to trace and follow email content, and catch any legal content in the emails that needs to be kept.

Box, RPost

While Box’s cloud-based document management system has found considerable traction in enterprises of all sizes, the ability that RPost’s RMail Web app offers should make it more attractive again.

Before it can be used, you have to have a Box account. We’re only saying that because sometimes with apps like this there is a little bit of confusion as to where it can be used.

Box and RMail Web app

Box and RMail Web app

RMail Web

That aside, it really looks like something that any company with high volumes of email – or even not so high-volume -- should have.

RMail Web app inside Box

RMail Web app inside Box

RPost, the developer of Registered Email services, has developed the app so that anyone used to email interfaces should have no problem using it.

It enables users to send files to attach Registered Email messages and along with it information about the email including who sent what messages and what the messages contained along with HIPAA.

These services are offered to users within their Box interface for the first ten documents sent per month free up to 200MBs, with messages beyond that charged, although in what way isn’t clear.

And it looks quite simple to use. With an added click, users can attach documents stored in their Box account to registered email to recipient inboxes with the recipient receiving the email in the way they normally would, with no need for log-ins into Box, or, even worse in terms of document management, download onto desktops, or extending access rights to third parties.

It also provides the possibility of obtaining recipient signatures using the mouse to script their signature onto the document so everyone -- both sender and recipient -- knows when and who received the document. The signature on the received document also acts as a legally binding contract.

Like many such things, for Box users it’s simple and now available with Box accounts.