Enterprise powerhouse Box, a cloud sharing utility, has announced integrations with Uberconference, a video conferencing tool, and IntApp, a sharing app designed specifically for legal teams.

These integrations are but one way the Box team hopes to become ever more popular as it eyes a possible public offering in 2014. 

Display Box Files in a Video Conference

Box's integration with Uberconference allows people to view and interact with Box documents right in the call. Once a Box account is linked to Uberconference, it presents the needed files within the interface. After the call, everyone can access a call summary (via email) with links to every file shown.

Uberconference is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android systems. That way, Box files can be shared on the way to the office or on the way out the door for the weekend.

It's not clear if this feature is quite ready as of this writing. iTunes still shows the Uberconference app hasn't been updated since December 2012, so the mobile version may be lacking the Box feature for the moment.  On the other hand, the iOS version is not offered for the iPad. That's likely a function of the fact it is such a new app, so we're sure those that have used it have been asking for a tablet friendly version.

As with any integration, Box surely hopes the added visibility it gets will help it foster even more growth in the long run. That's a wise decision for any company, and a common move as businesses opt for linking together instead of developing new features all on their own.

Now that Box CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie has publicly said the company is going public in 2014, integrations with any other products will only be even more strategic. Box will likely be starting up new integrations, but only if they specifically help it achieve a huge public launch.


Uberconference shows Box files in the app, and also shows who's speaking by displaying their image at the top.

Protect Legal Files

Who needs to share files more than legal teams? This is a field ripe for disruption, and Box was wise to link up with IntApp, a handy way for legal teams to monitor how their files are accessed, among other things. IntApp specializes in helping law firms tackle several common IT problems, but its Activity Tracker feature is where the Box integration comes in.

Any document or file stored in a law firm's Box account can be attached to the Activity Tracker to set document use thresholds. In other words, if a sensitive Box file is being accessed more than was previously thought necessary, a notification will be sent out.


IntApp helps legal firms intgrate apps, provision lawyers, monitor compliance and track activity.

There's no pricing info for IntApp, but there is a free version of Uberconference available for those who want to test out the Box integration.