Box Refreshes iOS App, Adds Metadata File Access
Online file storage company Box announced it has fully integrated its Folders and CrocoDoc acquisitions from earlier in 2013, and has now updated its iOS app and added metadata access to stored files.

iPad Box Users Get Updated UI, Preview Enhancements

Box bought both Folders and Crocodoc in May, and by September, it seems to fully integrated both technologies. That seems like a quick turnaround, but the changes were only previews at the BoxWorks Conference this week, and the final products aren't quite ready for release just yet. Folders has been integrated to allow the Box iOS app to do things like swipe to share, rename or delete files, and access them offline.

Crocodoc uses HTML5 technology to enable document viewing for things like Word, PowerPoint and PDFs in a more user friendly way. Box showed off some of this PDF preview technology at BoxWorks, and the crowd was fairly impressed, it seemed. It says a lot about the state of document technology when people are impressed by a PDF previewer, but that's precisely the reason Box must feel these kinds of updates are needed.

The document previewer was also shown off for other kinds of files, and the updated interface (above image) features share and edit buttons and collaboration tools right at the top. Furthermore, Box announced it was debuting its very own document editing software to take on stalwarts of the industry like Microsoft and Google.

Metadata Access, Added Security

Box Refreshes iOS App, Adds Metadata File Access
Metadata is now accessable in Box for added context.

There were several other updates announced at BoxWorks as the company readies itself for a public offering in 2014. There is now a Policies tab for customizing security polocies and alerts around uploads, downloads and sharing. That way, there's more control over what gets shared outside of a company, for example. An added Automation tab will provide a configurable content process automation for managing data. 

CipherCloud has also announced an updated integration with Box this week. The company offers AES 256 bit encryption to help reassure companies about its cloud storage security. Lastly, as the above image shows, Box is offering access to file metadata as a way to garner even more information from less structured data. Customers will be able to store, view and edit file details that are simply hidden in tradition file systems.