The amount of tools available to users of file sharing platform Box has been added to with the company’s recent acquisition of Folders, an iOS cloud storage client.

The Acquisition

Following the news at the start of 2013 that Box, more news here, is slowly preparing its users for the "next generation" or post-PC world of file sharing and collaboration as well as going public in 2014, they started to acquire a variety of different tools and products, a list that now includes Folders.

According to a statement from Box’s Vice President of Engineering Sam Schillace, Folders, along with other recent acquisition CrocoDoc, is part of Box’s plan to improve the user experience with better functionality.

I’m a firm believer that even applications developed primarily for the enterprise, like Box, need to be pushing the leading edge for user experience and design,” said Schillace. “They have to be 'consumer-grade' in terms of their usability, simplicity, speed and performance.”

While the announcement didn’t state how Folders will play into the Box platform, Schillace did say it had a “beautiful experience set of design patterns that we just had to bring Box users,” and that it will help users collaborate and work together more efficiently in this post-PC environment.

Crocodoc and Folders are foundational new technologies that will help us continue to deliver an incredible experience for our users and fuel our next phase of growth both in the U.S. and abroad,” he said.

So, What is Folders?

Based in France, Folders was created by Reedian’s CEO and Founder Martin Destagnol. As an iOS client, Folders is able to work with a variety of file sharing applications that includes Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. Some of its capabilities include a PDF reader which has image previewing and search functions, a code viewer, a plain text and markdown editor and Office documents viewer. Users also have the ability to sync files from different applications, as well as the ability to share, favourite, sort and zip documents.


An Update Here, A Partnership There

Features is just a small part of a string of updates and additions related to the public offering announcement. Earlier this month, in addition to Crocodoc, the company also announced they would be joining with MobileIron for App Connect to improve mobile security and with Good Data to create a collaboration monitoring application.