Since Box confirmed at the beginning of this year that it will go public next year, it has really been loading up on new abilities and functions. The latest one, announced just today, sees it entering a partnership with cloud platform and app developer GoodData to provide an app that enables Box users to analyze the way they are using their accounts.

Box, GoodData

Actually, it does a little bit more than that, but ultimately it is an app for analyzing Box accounts and, in particular, how effective collaborative teams using Box are using and creating business data.

This not just a way of monitoring teams to find out how productive they are, this is about providing companies with business-critical insights needed to optimize work and to help strategic decision making across the enterprise.

GoodBox Overview.jpg

If you think of Box, its global usage, and the fact that it is present in a large number of companies with global presences, the ability to see how dispersed collaborative teams are working together is really valuable.

GoodBox Usage2.jpg

GoodBox interface 

On top of that, enterprises are also trying to analyze effectiveness through an ever increasing mass of data, which is aggravating the problem:

Enterprises are simultaneously facing a deluge of data and a deficit of real, actionable intelligence about how information is shared and used to drive their business…”, Aaron Levie, CEO of Box said.

GoodBox Usage-1.jpg

GoodBox Usage view

Monetizing Content, Big Data

The new app solves that problem, providing real-time analytics and views of what is happening with Box accounts across the entire enterprise. The name is interesting too, although why it was called the GoodBox Bash is unclear. That said, there are three particular benefits that both companies see with this. They include:

1. Content Security

Enables IT departments to monitor and track Box accounts with customizable alerting and monitoring. It can track individual usage as well as usage patterns across the enterprise, providing visualizations of trends and emerging risks.

2. Adoption and Engagement

Analyze and fine-tune cloud collaboration across enterprises. GoodBox also includes out-of-the-box KPIs, reports and dashboards to measure and understand engagement. This should enable enterprises to build better processes.

3. Monetize Content.

One of the advantages is that it points to content that can be monetized and how enterprises might actually monetize it. But tracking information by shared sales and marketing enterprises can obtain insights to optimize entire teams. Of course, it can also quickly identify top performing individuals as well as those that are not.

It’s another small addition to the Box platform, but one that should be popular with managers. It also adds to the value of the Box platform and with every addition to Box over the coming months we can see that IPO getting richer and richer.