A SharePoint rival and collaboration-DM-done-easy outfit (news, site) welcomed a new chief operating officer to drive the company onto bigger, better things.

From Growing Pains to Growing Fast

Having started out as a collegiate project, has come a long way. With over 100 staff and thousands of users, both big-name enterprises and mom-and-pop companies, it has grown fast. To help the company navigate the rise into the lofty stratosphere of big Web 2.0 brands, it has hired Dan Levin as chief operating officer. 

Already a board member and advisor, Levin comes from Intuit to join with a mission to keep the company's growth rate heading in the right direction. With's agile and friendly collaboration tools, it can run rings around the monolithic services like SharePoint and is rapidly tying up with other services.

In the Money

With a recent US$ 15m funding win, the company has the money to play with. With focus on technical and operational sides, Box is currently riding the iPad wave with a new real-world campaign and supports iPhone and BlackBerry users. The company also provides compatibility by partnerships with, Google Docs, DocuSign and, yep, Intuit.

If you want an idea of where the company is headed, check out this video of CEO, Aaron Levie, from the recent Altitude event, where he discusses the possibilities of the cloud, HTML5 and how working on the Web will change.


Take the Tour is free to try with a Lite version that offers the basics, plus editions for individuals, businesses and enterprise. From sharing and collaborating on content and documents, managing projects and workflow, and finding the right data from those ever-growing archives, Box looks to offer a clear and bright solution that still looks fresh compared to some big-iron rivals.

That approach is winning fans and with the right direction could see it become a bigger name yet in the collaboration world.