Box.Net Offers Drag and Drop Capabilities Using HTML 5
Are you tired of the clicking and pointing process involved in uploading your documents into your cloud based document collaboration site? has provided a solution thanks to HTML 5: Drag and Drop.

Drag and Drop Is In Demand

It is definitely the easiest way to move your files around. And that's what decided when they challenged their engineers to come up with some news ways to encourage customers to use Box more -- "design a better way to get your files into Box." 

Of course drag and drop should be required functionality in any system shouldn't it? Aren't we all lazy and tired of the point and click routine typically related to uploading (yes, I am).

Thank You HTML 5

Box has achieved the drag and drop capability thanks to implementing HTML 5. That's right, you lazy people need to get yourself the latest edition of FireFox (3.6) or Chrome for PC (support for other versions of Chrome and Safari are in the works).

Box CEO Aaron Levie told TechCrunch that Flash didn't enable them to do drag and drop for security reasons. He also said, "HTML5 is the nail on the coffin of desktop applications because we can create this rich interactive experience that acts like a native app.” 

Levie told us a while back that there were lots of changes coming for and we've seen a number of them already, like integration with NetSuite, SugarCRM and an iPad application. 

Of course Box and Flash aren't parting ways anytime soon -- not everyone is using the HTML 5 compatible browsers. But that doesn't mean they won't continue to develop new capabilities using HTML 5. Says Tomas Barreto, Software Engineer:

We’re already exploring more ways to enrich your Box experience using HTML5. Functions like pausing/resuming uploads, offline caching, and multiple file select for uploads are now on our product roadmap.