Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) (news, site) has just a nice new dashboard for monitoring the health of your service. 

Am I Up and Running?

Microsoft Online Service Health Dashboard is what it's called. Available to BPOS standard customers, it can be used to help distinguish between down periods for BPOS itself or the network (this was recently an issue, so it explains why they have created the dashboard).


The dashboard provides health information on all of the services and tools for BPOS, including both current and historical information for the past 35 days. There is a different dashboard available for each of the three regions: Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

If you click on one of the icons for each service (shown in the screenshot above), with the exception of Normal Service, you can drill down deeper to see the exact problem.

Putting the Admin Altogether

If you aren't using BPOS, there is an open RSS feed that provides some service availability information. It has been reported on RPC Magazine that this feed will continue to be used for service status updates, but there doesn't appear to be plans to integrate it with the dashboard.

It is also stated that Microsoft will integrate the dashboard with the Microsoft Online Services Admin Center (MOAC) in a future BPOS upgrade (and remember those upgrades come every 90 days).