Document management software vendor Cabinet NG (news, site) has just announced it is going green by integrating with Include Software, which specializes in business process and business management software to the landscape industry.

Even though the Include Software website stresses that its two flagship software products, -- Asset and Asset G9 -- contain all the business applications a green company might need without “third-party bolt-ons”, it seems they are not taking any risks and are adding document management into the mix.

Between Cabinet NG and Include, what users will get is a package that will manage all businesses processes needed in the landscape, architecture, design and build, and other contractor industries, and using CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) enable them to manage documents across their entire life cycle.

"User feedback made it clear that document management is important to our clients, so we added this option . . . Partnering with CNG keeps us from having to reinvent the wheel and allows us to bring these robust capabilities to our clients quickly and help." said Nanette Seven, VP, Include Software.

Once information is directly accessed, new documents can be added or any document can be routed through the system for immediate action.

BPM For Landscaping

Although landscaping may not be the most obvious vertical to sell document management to, Include says that, in fact, landscaping has huge document requirements, including all that unstructured information that crops up everywhere.


Asset software for 'Green' verticals

While the Asset package is targeted at landscaping businesses with revenues of more than US$ 5 million, Asset G9 is similar software expanded to include other vertical contracting industries.

So what do you get with Asset? According to Include, Asset eliminates duplication of work, allowing all members of the team to work from the same system, in real time.

While the are many features that might be expected of a business management system, it uniquely comes with CREWtekTM software.


CrewTek from Include

CREWtek software is a component of Asset that installed on a hand-held compute and keeps users in contact with the central system in real time. Features include:

  • Tasks, time, changes to crews and materials can all be entered on the fly and in the field.
  • Real-time uploading and downloading of tasks eliminates the need for crews to return to the office.
  • Keeps track of actual quantities/volumes of materials used.
  • Submits bills to accounting, where it’s all entered into QuickBooks.

Early in the year for gardening, but it would seem Cabinet NG clearly means to continue its promotion of CNG-SAFE throughout the SMB market.