Cabinet NG Releases New Products to Support Faster Document Searching
If little things mean a lot then Cabinet NG’s (news, site) CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) is a whole lot as they just keep adding to it, the case in point this time being two new search products that will make life a lot easier for its clients.

Both are very small products and deal with very specific problems. In the case of CNG SuperSearch they deal with the problem of searching CNG-SAFE from Microsoft systems like Vista, or Windows 7, while Retriever for WebApps finds documents located in CNG-SAFE for users of SaaS applications.

Neither product contains ground breaking technology -- in fact Retriever for WebApps is based on their earlier search product Retriever for Windows applications -- but they will make searching easier and as a result make CNG-SAFE considerably more attractive.


There isn’t a lot to either of them so pay attention or you’ll miss it. CNG-SuperSearch works along the same lines as any other Windows gadget (tools that can be installed on the desktop toolbar).

Using key phrases, words or numbers in the search field will pull up all relevant documents out of CNG-SAFE while at the same time enforcing all of the security and user access rights associated with a particular file.

Searches can be carried out across documents, folders, or full text search, and with Mind Reader users can also carry out searches based on the content of your clipboard using very simple commands.

Retriever for WebApps

The other search tool that Cabinet NG has just released is Retriever for WebApps. This is a web applications version of its Retriever for Windows and helps SaaS users by linking data contained within CNG-SAFE with information stored in your SaaS applications.


Cabinet NG's Retriever

The example they give is that when a user finds a contact in their SaaS application, they can use Retriever for WebApps to burrow into CNG-SAFE, dig out all the data on that contact, be it invoices, contracts or forms, and make them accessible to the user again conforming with security and access privileges.

This information can also be added into the contacts folder in the SaaS application, or can be re-routed to other users using the workflow or email functions within CNG-SAFE.

CNG-SuperSearch is free to clients with software maintenance while Retriever for WebApps costs US $495. Both are available as downloads.

Told you you’d miss it if you didn’t pay attention!