Cabinet NG
For all the small and mid-sized businesses that are agonizing over which document management system to purchase, Cabinet NG might have just given themselves the winning edge. A document management and workflow solution for small businesses, Cabinet NG announces the immediate availability of a new technology that transparently integrates Cabinet NG’s document management system with almost any other Windows-based business application.Known as Retriever, this new offering from Cabinet NG capitalizes on functionality built into CNG-SAFE, e.g. Cabinet NG’s flagship document management solution. Retriever provides a standardized approach for integrating an existing application with documents that are filed, secured, and organized within the CNG-SAFE system. This means that end users can now access the documents they need from their main business application without having to run to IT for a customized integration application. So how does it work? When you install it, a small Retriever widget is attached to the native application which monitors the user’s navigation. Depending on the information being viewed, Retriever is able to pull up associated documents directly from CNG-SAFE without switching from the native application. Retriever also enforces security and access control to documents based on user rights assigned within the organization. So why is Retriever such a useful application? In the past, the integration of two applications was practically impossible for small enterprises due to the significant amounts of time and the IT resources required for implementation. Since these businesses rely on a number of software applications to remain competitive, poor communication between these systems and CNG-SAFE can hamper productivity. The Retriever technology allows businesses to focus their efforts on core competencies instead of wasting time searching for documents. Cabinet NG also introduces Synchronizer Add-on, which automatically creates and updates folders in CNG-SAFE as they appear in the target application's database. For instance, the Synchronizer Add-on will create corresponding folders in CNG-SAFE as new clients are added in a CRM or practice management system. This synchronization between an application’s database and Cabinet NG's folders occurs by automatically polling the target database for any new additions or changes and populating folder index data using the most current database data. This functionality is ideal for implementing a hierarchical data structure while making sure any changes in data, such as phone or address changes, in the top level application are properly propagated to CNG-SAFE. Retriever is included with the latest version of CNG-SAFE, and the Synchronizer Add-on can be bought for US $995 per database. Check out the Cabinet NG website for more information. Are you a CNG-SAFE user? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these new additions. Drop us a comment.