A thriving and yet under served market, small and mid-size businesses will be excited to know that not every solution provider is focused solely on the enterprise. In an attempt to simplify their customers' business processes, Cabinet NG has announced an automated document management product specifically for the Peachtree accounting platform.A newcomer to CMSWire, Cabinet NG is a privately held software company based in Huntsville, Alabama. They focus on the simplification and automation of their customers document management needs. With the release of CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment), the estimated 2.6 million Peachtree users will be able to file and retrieve scanned images and electronic document files via customer and vendor transactions. Key features of CNG-SAFE for Peachtree include the ability to:
  • Open a full range of file formats including: PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Text documents, and scanned or faxed images directly from within Peachtree. CNG-SAFE for Peachtree now enables users to enter documents - vendor bills, customer payments, credit card statements - in their original format. Removing the time consuming task of printing and scanning documents is part of Cabinet NG’s commitment to eliminating paper at its source.
  • Send and share documents to any other Cabinet NG user within the organization. Built-in workflow automation improves office productivity by making the exchange of documents easy and efficient between users and user groups.
  • Support multiple versions: Peachtree Complete and Higher
With CNG-SAFE, the days of manually scanning documents and physically filing them away are over. Along with being affordable, CNG-SAFE aims to accelerate businesses processes by providing an all-digital filing environment and dynamic workflows that can be applied across an organization. Sage Software, the makers of Peachtree, are understandably chuffed by the new integration option. Daneen Heislitz, a Director of Product Marketing at Sage stated, "By linking CNG-SAFE's document management and workflow software platform with Peachtree accounting, our small business customers can now easily weave together accounting transactions and financial workflows with other business workflows." This announcement could be an indicator of things to come. Cabinet NG already have a similar solution for the popular QuickBooks accounting software. Their CNG-Books offering delivers the same sort of document management and workflow integration for Intuit's desktop package. If solutions like this continue to gain traction, it might not be long before players like Intuit and Sage do as SalesForce recently did and start buying or coding their way into the CM and collaboration space. Especially with Inuit's QuickBooks Online product, this could be a relatively natural feature set extension, and one more little sparkly item to upsell. If you have been looking to dive into the waters of document management but did not want to squander your investment in Peachtree, then this is your lucky day. CNG-SAFE is available now and costs US$ 995 per named user. Give it a try and let us know what you think.