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  • Central Desktop SaaS Collaboration Now Available on Intuit App Center

    What do you do if you run a small business, need a collaboration environment, but can’t afford SharePoint? Central Desktop (news, site ) which provides a SaaS platform for small businesses, is offering such a solution to Intuit's Quickbook users by making it available through Intuit’s App Center.

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  • Cabinet NG's Secure Document Management for Quickbook Users

     Cabinet NG (news, site) has announced that it is extending its complete document management software, CNG-SAFE, to Intuit’s Quickbooks accounting software, giving users a number of new features that have not been available to them to date on Intuit’s Developers Network (IDN).

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  • Intuit Debuts Doc Management System for QuickBooks

    Well known for its QuickBooks accounting software, Intuit has introduced functionality that will make its software even better for your business by offering Intuit Document Management System for QuickBooks. Intuit Document Management System (DMS) enables users to store their documents electronically and access them through their QuickBooks software.

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  • Cabinet NG Provides CNG-Books for QuickBooks

    Cabinet NG, a company that specializes in automated document management and workflow solutions for small enterprise businesses, has launched CNG-Books 6.0 document management software for Intuit's QuickBooks. Built on the .NET platform, CNG-Books 6.0 incorporates Microsoft SQL database features recently added to CNG-SAFE 6.0.

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  • Cabinet NG Bolsters QuickBook's Functionality

    How many times have you been faced with a repetitive, yet important, task and thought: Is there no way to automate this? Feeling this pain for knowledge workers across the globe, the Sleeter Group recognizes two products from Cabinet NG that aim to cure the ails of cubicle dwellers everywhere.

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  • Cabinet NG Plugs Document Management into the Desktop

    A thriving and yet under served market, small and mid-size businesses will be excited to know that not every solution provider is focused solely on the enterprise. In an attempt to simplify their customers' business processes, Cabinet NG has announced an automated document management product specifically for the Peachtree accounting

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