Cabinet NG
How many times have you been faced with a repetitive, yet important, task and thought: Is there no way to automate this? Feeling this pain for knowledge workers across the globe, the Sleeter Group recognizes two products from Cabinet NG that aim to cure the ails of cubicle dwellers everywhere.


Cabinet NG's Shared Access Filing Environment (CNG-SAFE) consolidates all information into one organized easy-to-use system. Furthermore, one of the most important features of CNG-SAFE is the inherent simplicity built into the user interface. CNG-SAFE helps organize: * Email * Forms and other custom documents * Existing documents via scanning * Memos * Faxes * Audio files * Data from other applications * Database reports * Office Suite documents CNG-SAFE also provides the following advanced functionality: * Built-in format independence: compatible with other applications straight out-of-the-box * Optimized and efficient workflow: helps accelerate workflow across the organization * Security and Tracking: limits access to files and tracks where files have been and where they're going * Web Access: An optional web module provides a web-interface to CNG-SAFE


CNG-Books streamlines QuickBooks data entry and document filing into one consistent and efficient electronic process. CNG-Books does the following: * Saves time and increases productivity * Reduces data entry and filing errors * Finds and files documents quickly * Supports your existing accounting & filing procedures CNG-Books helps consolidate QuickBooks accounting data and documents, eliminate misplaced documents and lost folders, and improve office productivity. Vendor bills, credit card receipts or customer payment information can be scanned, filed and entered into QuickBooks in a single process with CNG-Books. The end-user can integrate an unlimited amount of business documents to QuickBooks, while CNG-Books streamlines data entry and filing utilizing an electronic process. The processed transactions will seamlessly be populated into QuickBooks and the end-use customer will be able to retrieve a copy of the document image from within QuickBooks. For a detailed review and information on strengths/limitations of CNG-Books, please see CNG-Books review