Cabinet NG's Secure Document Management for Quickbook Users
 Cabinet NG (news, site) has announced that it is extending its complete document management software, CNG-SAFE, to Intuit’s Quickbooks accounting software, giving users a number of new features that have not been available to them to date on Intuit’s Developers Network (IDN).

Since May last year, users have already had access to CNG-Books 6.0 document management software for Intuit's QuickBooks, and since July of last year access to Intuit’s own document management system.

However Cabinet NG says that by adding CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) into the equation users will now have access to a complete document management system that will greatly increase the space available for document storage, as well as introduce automated workflow processes.

Added Functionality

Cabinet NG is not saying that CNG-SAFE is for everyone and as a Gold member of the IDN it merely says that Quickbook users that are looking more functionality should take a look at it.

Particularly those that are looking for a document management and workflow solution that consolidates all information into one organized and easy-to-use system.

The company says it contains all the capabilities SMBs need for successful electronic document management, including advanced data protection and the ability to integrate with most third party applications.

It also comes with a flexible user interface that allows individual users to display documents and other system information based on their custom layout. Users can specify which items are to be displayed or not displayed as desired. Multiple documents, folders and cabinets can be opened simultaneously, lending to simplified and accelerated navigation.

This can done either locally, or in a hosted environment as CNG-SAFE has been available as a SaaS since last December.

“Some users will find the document management feature built into the latest version of QuickBooks is satisfactory for filing transaction related documents over the Internet. Others may view it as falling short from what is already available to QuickBooks users through the Intuit Developers Network,” said Andrew Bailey, President of CNG.

Enhanced Document Storage

Putting the workflow processes aside, the principal advantage here appears to be the storage capabilities offered by CNG-SAFE.

As it stands, the current version of QuickBooks comes with 100MB of storage, which the company equates with about 4,000 pages of document storage, with additional storage applicable in 100MB increments.

However, CNG’s hosted version, CNG-ONLINE, comes with 5GB of storage and can be incremented in 1GB steps.

When CNG-SAFE is installed at the user’s premises, documents are stored on the local server and storage is added by the user as need dictates.

Other features that come with CNG-SAFE and are currently not available in Quickbooks include:

  • Full text, index and keyword search
  • Security classes
  • Retention policies
  • Custom filing templates
  • Batch entering of data
  • Audit trail of user activity

CNG-SAFE is designed on the server-side to work easily on Windows 2003 or Windows 2008, and on client systems it works on any Windows platform from XP Pro on up.

It has also recently made the latest list of Top 20 SMB Products from the CRN Test Centre for being easy to use and economical.