Document management provider Cabinet NG's (news, site) CNG-SAFE is easy to use and economical as well, according to the latest list of Top 20 SMB Products from the CRN Test Centre.

While a lot of companies brag a lot about these two particular aspects of their products, in this case the claims have to be taken at face value as even the testers in their report said they started the testing skeptical, and came of out it impressed.

Testing Criteria

The test centre takes a look at products and technologies that VARs can deliver to mid-size or small enterprises, assessing them first on cost (how little) and complexity (how easy) before they even make the list.

A product is then examined on its merits, including the problems it might solve, the size of the company it might work in, whether it is a consumer product or an enterprise product and so on.

It also looks at security, storage, infrastructure and peripherals to see if they all fit in place.

It Ain’t Flashy But . . .

In the case of Alabama-based Cabinet NG they clearly did. CNG-SAFE is designed on the server-side to work easily on Windows 2003 or Windows 2008, and on client systems it works on any Windows platform from XP Pro on up.

It requires Windows SQL Server 2005 Express, or more advanced versions of the Microsoft database software, but has a very simple, straightforward and wizard-based installation and configuration.

Testers said they said they were impressed that the product can be applied to mid-market, or even small market, enterprises quite easily, even though changing workflow processes can be a difficult and expensive task.

“From an administrator point of view, the CNG-Management console isn't flashy or as graphically appealing as other management consoles we view on a daily basis,” the testers said.

“From a user perspective, the CNG-SAFE Toolbox client console is easy to navigate, whether the enterprise is a CPA firm, a health provider, or a law firm.”

Not bad at all with CNG-SAFE receiving 4 out of 5 Tech stars and 4 out of 5 Channel stars.


CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) is a document management and workflow system that consolidates all information into one organized and easy-to-use system.

The company says it contains all the capabilities SMBs need for successful electronic document management, including advanced data protection and the ability to integrate with most third party applications.

It also comes with a flexible user interface that allows individual users to display documents and other system information based on their custom layout.

Users can also specify which items are to be displayed or not displayed as desired. Multiple documents, folders and cabinets can be opened simultaneously, lending to simplified and accelerated navigation.

When it was launched last year, CNG-SAFE 6.0 was priced competitively with a complete system for a two user office starting at US $2,500.