Cabinet NG Provides CNG-Books for QuickBooks

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CNG-Books for QuickBooks, CabinetNG
Cabinet NG, a company that specializes in automated document management and workflow solutions for small enterprise businesses, has launched CNG-Books 6.0 document management software for Intuit's QuickBooks.Built on the .NET platform, CNG-Books 6.0 incorporates Microsoft SQL database features recently added to CNG-SAFE 6.0. The end result: SMBs can replace pesky piles of paper with automated electronic workflows that streamline QuickBooks-centric accounting tasks in an easier, less hair-greying manner. CNG-Books streamlines QuickBooks data entry and document filing into one consistent and efficient electronic process. By doing so, it saves companies time and increases productivity, while reducing data entry and filing errors.

Integration with QuickBooks and CNG-SAFE

CNG-Books is designed specifically for Intuit's QuickBooks, streamlining data entry and document filing into one efficient electronic process. CNG-Books users can identify scanned documents for entry as a QuickBooks transaction and can locally scan or fax vendor bills, customer payments and credit card expenses from remote locations to a fax server for entry as well. It's tightly integrated with CNG-SAFE in order to unite QuickBooks transactions with business documents making filing, locating and sharing documents an easier and more secure process.CNG-SAFE is Cabinet NG's Shared Access Filing Environment. It consolidates all information into one organized system, helping a business keep their e-mails, forms, documents and reports organized. It also provides SMBs with advanced data protection, a solid user interface and integration abilities with most third party apps. "Because CNG-Books is tightly linked to the CNG-SAFE document management and workflow software platform, CNG-Books enables our customers to easily tie accounting transactions and financial workflows to relevant documents," said Andrew Bailey, President of Cabinet NG. "The result is firm-wide document workflow that reduces errors and boosts productivity beyond the business accounting practice."

Highlights and features of CNG-Books 6.0 include:

* Supports multiple methods of bringing documents into CNG-Books. Users can now choose between scanning in documents, importing documents from any accessible external file directory, or opening documents already filed in the CNG-SAFE system. * Integrates with CNG-SAFE security and retention policies for applying document access rights and/or retention periods from the CNG-Books entry screen.* Supports QuickBooks Canada 2008 version, allowing users to open transaction documents or generate a list of all documents filed in CNG-SAFE directly from within QuickBooks Canada 2008 for the desired transaction, customer or vendor.* Stores company setups in a central database. Company setups are now managed globally through Microsoft SQL to eliminate the need of manually setting up each users' PC. * Improved production performance by preloading account lists from QuickBooks during startup. Items and expenses can be immediately added by the user.* Expanded integration with QuickBooks to facilitate creating Purchase Orders and applying payments to multiple invoices directly within CNG-Books.

Built on .NET platform

A major aspect of CNG-Books 6.0 is its .NET framework foundation that lets Windows-based applications easily integrate with other networked systems and provide much improved transaction speeds. The .NET framework has seen wild growth in the enterprise because of its strengths in user experience, communications and workflow advances, as well as its capabilities to support standards-based web services. It was noted as one of Sitecore's three Web CMS trends for 2008, so it should be little surprise to see Cabinet NG embracing the platform. So far, CNG-Books has garnered favorable reviews and has been praised for adding significant value for accountants standardized in QuickBooks as well as for its suitability for growing firms. One site (4luvofbiz.com) called it the most comprehensive document management solution they have found. This all sounds quite promising, so head over to Cabinet NG for more info.