CaseCentral and StoredIQ Join Forces for End-to-End EDRM

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Ever dream of moving electronically stored information from one system to another seamlessly and while saving money? Today is your lucky day. CaseCentral and StoredIQ have formed an alliance in an effort to do just that.

Together, they will provide an integrated eDiscovery offering that ranges from identification, preservation, collection and processing of electronically stored information (ESI) through analysis, review, production and post-production re-use.

One One Hand

StoredIQ will locate, identify, index and classify unstructured and semi-structured data across the industry’s broadest range of storage, e-mail, archiving, content, document and records management systems.

Legal counsel can analyze and target data no matter where it is located. Using StoredIQ’s litigation hold policy, organizations can preserve responsive data where it is located or copy the data without changing metadata properties to a retention platform, allowing responsive data to be filtered further or deduplicated before being passed along to CaseCentral.

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On the Other Hand

The CaseCentral eDiscovery platform delivers early case assessment (ECA) without needing to export data to other tools. By creating new cases for active review directly from the ECA application, clients can ensure consistency while saving time and money.

Documents can be assigned and designated for review and thanks to CaseCentral’s collaborative functionality, users will have some flexibility for reporting and reviewing, and can compare related-document tags dynamically to identify documents that may be produced in one case and withheld in another.

Put both parts together and the end result is an end-to-end streamlined eDiscovery process -- all around more efficient and cost-saving endeavor.