Streamlining workflows is all the rage these days when it comes to eDiscovery. Clearwell’s new Review Module is no exception. It lets users simplify the process of reviewing data by not confining it to one tool at a time.

Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs

Users can bundle similar documents together and performing non-linear reviews quickly, efficiently and accurately. By speeding up the process of culling, processing, analysis, review and production, costs and risk can be reduced significantly.

Lest you think that Clearwell is all about speed, the Review Module features a slew of functionality aimed at preserving the integrity and defensibility of the data it reviews, while making it convenient at the same time.

New functionality allows reviewers to save their place when securely logging out of Clearwell and pick up where they left off to continue their analysis or review. In addition, users can create and assign review folders and subfolders to be reviewed by specific reviewers, and view the status of all reports.

Finally, by generating graphs and reports summarizing the number of documents tagged by reviewers, case administrators can compare reviewer productivity levels.


With its Near-Native Viewer Clearwell's Review Module provides immediate access to documents, attachments, and email threads in near-native formats, enabling rapid review, tagging, and redaction.


Review Module displays attachments, discussion threads, and similar documents related to the document under review, accelerating the review process and improving tagging consistency.

Managing large-scale review projects is a time-consuming and expensive process for any organization. By being able to perform a variety of tasks while maintaining flexibility and ensuring accuracy, makes it convenient and realistic for companies to implement.