Not one for big announcements or major point releases, Cabinet NG  (news, site)  keeps upgrading its document management solutions with small, incremental improvements.

This time, the upgrade is to its CNG-WEB, which gives users secure access to CNG-SAFE though a secure web-browser interface.

While v6.2 gives users access to the cabinets, folders and documents stored in CNG-SAFE without additional software and from remote computer points, the principal improvement here is that users will now be able to control their workflows using rules, or manually.

As part of the new workflow functionality, users will also be able to add new documents to the workflow at any point, will be provided with document location history and trace, as well as performance enhancements that will speed up the whole process.

Cabinet NG And CNG -SAFE

CNG-WEB operates as an extension to CNG’s Shared Access Filing Environment (CNG-SAFE) and was introduced in 2008 enabling users to perform common document management and workflow tasks from remote locations. Features that were introduced with CNG-Web include:

  • Document access from a Web browser
  • Fast and efficient interface
  • Viewing and printing documents
  • Searching at document and keyword levels
  • Extended access security of CNG-SAFE
  • Furthermore, users can easily view and print documents from remote locations.

CNG-WEB v 6.2

Version 6.2 adds to that. With the enhanced workflow users can intervene directly in the workflow by adding notes to the workflow history  but without actually changing the documents themselves. While approved documents are pushed on to the next stage of the workflow, any that are not are sent automatically back to the next step with a record of where the document has been sent and when it came back.

To enable ease of use, there is also a new workflow trace function that gives users information about the exact location, the progress and status of the document, as well as a ‘past-session’ history that informs users where they were in the workflow when they signed out last.

Cabinet NG Upgrades

Cabinet NG has made a number of improvements to CNG SAFE over the past year in response to the changing landscape in the wider IT community. In particular, in December it released v6.2.1.241, which was specifically designed to work with Windows 7/Windows Server 8 R2 and improve its user interface.

Again, in the overall picture this was a minor upgrade, but the company says the benefits of to users is that it gave them new and intuitive user interfaces, improved security and reliability features, as well as a new tools to keep them connected to data stored on the Web.

This current release gives users access to the on-premise edition of CNG-SAFE from anywhere, and complements the SaaS version which was also released at the end of 2008 and whose development mirrors those of the on-premise version over the past 12 months.