Document management software developer Cabinet NG (news, site) continues to develop v6.0, this time with the release of v6.2.1.241, which is specifically designed to work with Windows 7/Windows Server 8 R2 and improve its user interface.

The company says the benefits of this minor upgrade to users is that it will give them new and intuitive user interfaces, improved security and reliability features, as well as a new tools to keep them connected to data stored on the Web.

Already a very well-endowed document management system, Cabinet NG says the upgrade required very few changes to the existing system.

However, what is worth noting here is that the company says the changes will serve as a new base level for future enhancements and enable CNG-SAFE to keep in step with developments in Microsoft technology.

The other upgrade with this minor version is improvement to the interface, although the company hasn’t said exactly what shape those improvements have taken.

In this respect you might recall that in September, CNG was voted a ‘Top 20’ CRN-tested SMB product with the management consoles described as easy to navigate but not as “flashy”, or graphically appealing as some. Cheeky!

Could it be that Cabinet NG in a pique of vanity went out and upgraded CNG-SAFE interfaces while they were upgrading it for Windows 7? This latest version is available now.