Single Touch to Scan and Manage Corporate Documents

DigiTech (news, site) and Fujitsu got together to bring, as they say, the simplest possible solution for those small to medium companies trying to wrangle paper documents.

Be King of Content

Any company should now be aware of the need for enterprise content management along with document management. However, many are too often faced with daunting software and lack of resources. So to try to simplify all things DM and RM things comes a partnership between DigiTech, who are big in the document capture and management space, and Fujitsu in the scanning hardware arena.

Thanks to that, users can now buy one bundle and start digitizing, accessing and deriving intelligence from all that company data currently stored on paper.

DigiTech provides its PaperVision Enterprise software (which we've covered previously) to be packaged with Fujitsu's ScanSnap range of scanners. The software works directly with the scanner front ends, allowing anyone to quickly upload documents for information retrieval or compliance needs.

Silo Those Records

The ImageSilo SaaS content management system achieved 100% uptime and 98% user satisfaction ratings during 2009 -- one of the big points made at DigiTech's recent value-added reseller event. ImageSilo allows any company to store scanned data and images without the need for their own bulk storage infrastructure.

The remote storage also makes it useful as part of a disaster recovery plan and for compliance purposes. There is also a hard backup service offered to keep records in other secure locations.

Fujitsu's products start with the ScanSnap 300, available for around US$ 300, which is small enough to fit on any desk and can easily be carried around while scanning at up to 16 pages per minute. The ScanSnap 1500 is bulkier, but still suitable for a typical desk and costs around US$ 470 and does around 20 pages per minute. Both can be suitable for the SMBs.

The selling point? Those gadgets are representing one-button scanning technology and easier integration into Digitech Systems’ content management products to help companies improve their records management and be in compliance with government regulations.