DocTrackr Follows, Secures Documents in the Cloud
Every year, the TechStars Boston Demo Day produces some interesting new companies. This year was no exception. One of the companies that particularly caught our eye was DocTrackr, which offers a service that enables users keep track of their documents wherever they may be. Hence the name DocTrackr.

As yet, there is little enough information about this company -- on the website there isn’t even a foundation date -- although it does appear to be quite new. In the release outlining the functionality of DocTrackr, it says that it logged US$ 150,000 in revenues last year.

DocTrackr Documents in the Cloud

CEO Clement Cazalot explained at TechStars that the idea behind DocTrackr is to provide a service that enables users to place their Word, Excel, PDF or Excel documents in the cloud and be sure that they won’t lose them.

That’s a pretty big claim, but it appears to be backed up by the kinds of clients that they have managed to get onboard already.

Among those clients is France National Railways (SNCF), which creates enough paper documents every year to deforest an entire country, or Bouygues, the French multinational telecoms provider, which is ultra-picky about security around its documents.

So, the thinking here is that, if you can pick up these kinds of customers, you must be doing something right; and DocTrackr has picked up 80,000 other customers who have downloaded the beta.

DocTrackr in the Future

The other thing to note here is that it is in the process of raising new capital -- a figure of US$ 1.1 million has been mentioned -- which will be spent on… well, again, DocTrackr doesn’t say, but presumably it will be around product development.

Finally, just to clarify: DocTrackr doesn’t claim to be original -- you gotta love honesty. The company admits that both Indorse and Adobe offer some of DocTrackr’s capabilities already, but it says it has also lined up some heavy-hitting partners, including Box, which has named it one of its OneCloud partners. More on this as it happens.