Document Control and Tracking Simplified with Watchdox

2 minute read
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While advances in cloud computing, mobile workforce management and document collaboration have made working virtually, virtually easier, issues of document security still exist. Today, Confidela released Watchdox 2.2, a document control and tracking service, aiming to simplify what can be a complicated process. 

Go Ahead, Watch Your Documents

By providing users end-to-end protection of documents, companies can maintain a full audit trail, including all views, edits, forwards and printing of confidential documents. With this increased document security, Watchdox also provides companies with an easy-to-implement solution that allows them to meet compliance and security regulatory standards.

If you’re unfamiliar with the document sharing solution, Watchdox doesn’t require installation and can integrate with Microsoft Outlook.

In three manageable steps, users can upload a document, set the security controls including what recipients can do with the document, when it expires, how you can track document activity and send.

Learning Opportunities

New features available in Watchdox v2.2 include:

  • Virtual Data Room upload tool -- Users can upload a large number of documents to virtual data rooms using the new Windows-based application.
  • Large document uploads -- Users can securely upload and store PDF and Microsoft Office documents of unlimited size.
  • Offline document plug-in -- Users can view secure PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, online or offline.
  • Additional administrator features -- Companies can export audit logs and more granular user management.

Additionally, for companies concerned with the compliance risk associated with cloud storage -- which is most of them! -- Watchdox offers several compliance controls that allow organization to continue to share protected documents, without storing them in the cloud.

Watchdox offers a personal, business and publisher versions starting at just US$ 49.95 a month. Free 14-day trials are available for each of the platforms, allowing curious users a chance to kick the tires.