Working in a mobile environment has become much more prevalent in the past few years, so much so that the act of managing it has its own acronym, MWM or Mobile Work Management. Yet, while working out in the world has become easier, employing a functional tool to manage all the work, has not.

Three Platforms, One Goal

Recently Saasilia, a software company in New Zealand launched three different platforms designed to work across almost all mobile smartphone platforms, making it much easier and affordable for companies to start actively managing jobs, projects, their mobile work forces and their communication.

GeoOp (pronounced GEO-OP) is a SaaS solution that makes the set up, administration and operation of a mobile network efficient and accessible. Available via three different platforms, GeoOp provides an online solution for your admin team, and a mobile browser and an iPhone app for your mobile team, all so the entire team has real-time accessability and visibility.

GeoOp Online

Thought of as Command Central, GeoOp Online provides a universal dashboard of all comings and goings within a company. Admin can post, edit, search and retrieve jobs and job notes in seconds, allowing staff members to respond to inquiries and dispatch jobs effectively.

As well, GeoOp provides advanced search so that you can see where each job is in real-time. Customer inquiries, notes, status invoices and locations can be collated so you can see them all in one place.


GeoOps Online provide a Central Command for administrative team members so they can effectively manager their mobile staff.


For team members working on the go, GeoOp offers Mobee for smartphones, which lets members add, update and edit jobs and notes remotely, while making them instantly available to administration staff. Each job is updated as it’s completed, so admin can manage their time more effectively, without having to follow up individually with staff.


Mobee provides a smartphone interface for users to keep track of the status and location of jobs.


Those using apple devices, like the iPad, iPhone or iTouch, GeoOp offers iMobee, which also lets team members update jobs, edit and add notes through a simple application. The iMobee app is available through the iTunes store.


With iMobee, iPhone, iPad and iTouch users can add notes to job and keep track of other mobile workers and customers.

Advanced Management Functionality

GeoOp also offers a few innovative capabilities that can work across the aforementioned platforms, while providing effective and efficient work management tools.

  • Notes Central: Users can add detailed notes to jobs so that the latest information is always available and sync’d with all users.
  • GeoMaps: Team members can create auto updating overviews of customized maps and view the status of business, jobs and mobile staff locations in real-time.
  • GeoTrak: Admin teams can use a mobile phone’s GPS to follow their mobile team through GPS tracking, letting them dispatch jobs to the closest team member available.
  • Job2TxT: Users with standard mobile phones can receive text messages relaying information about a job, its status or location. Though this function can’t allow for real time updates, GPS feedback or other advanced features, GeoOp still allows for admin to send jobs to their mobile staff. (currently not available in the USA)

GeoOp does not include set up or licensing fees, allowing companies the freedom to choose the package that is right for them. Pricing for GeoOp is bundled based on the number of jobs, starting at just $US 0.35 per 100 jobs and up to $US 0.20 per 12,500 jobs. Curious prospective customers can test drive GeoOp and receive 20 free credits.